Kingsmont Kids, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating childhood obesity by promoting proper nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being. To accomplish our mission, Kingsmont runs a summer camp dedicated to providing children with the tools needed to make fundamental changes in their lives.

Each day, Kingsmont dedicates more than five hours to physical activities, including weight training and conditioning. Campers can also participate in activities such as paintball, arts and crafts and go-karting. Three well-balanced and properly portioned meals, planned by our registered dieticians, are served to campers with an addition of two daily snacks. Campers can choose from three entre choices each meal, including a vegetarian option, and are provided with an unlimited salad bar for both lunch and dinner.

At Kingsmont, we know a physical change is not enough to conquer childhood obesity. To ensure an emotional change, campers attend a series of behavioral modification classes known as Connections. In this program, group discussions among campers focus on targeting hunger cues and recognizing the behaviors that give rise to obesity. The classes provide a safe environment where individuals can focus on building self-esteem, self-image and self-worth.

Kingsmont also recognizes the fight against childhood obesity extends to children who cannot afford camp. In fact, studies have shown obesity is higher in disadvantaged neighborhoods. While the camp tries to accommodate as many disadvantaged campers as possible, the numbers are still small. Thus, Kingsmont's next goal is to significantly increase our outreach to bring disadvantaged children to camp. Please help us to reach our goal by participating in our Annual 5K Run/Walk for Fun at Camp Kingsmont! Though weight-loss is a serious issue, Camp Kingsmont operates in a fun, energetic and supportive atmosphere. When campers lose, we win! Kingsmont Kids, Inc. is a Massachusetts public charity exempt from federal income tax pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors may deduct contributions to Kingsmont as provided in section 170 of the Code.